Orders Dashboard

See all your customer information, in one location, in real time. A quick glance is all it takes to manage your orders and production.

Purchase Orders
and Barcodes

Ordering customer’s blanks and managing production is easier than ever. Simply choose the orders and click to create custom barcodes and purchase orders.


No more wondering what happened to the missing order! A simple barcode scan at each station allows customers to check status in real time.

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No More Printer Set Up

This might be our favorite feature. Once the shirts are ready for print, simply scan the barcode and choose where to send the art file. No more time consuming printer set up.

Multiple Items Solution

Our system automatically assigns locations via barcode in orders that require multiple items. Your process organization runs smoothly and location problems are all but eliminated.

Shipping Flexibility

Our labels give your customers the freedom to handle their own shipping. Our barcode system gives you the power to complete fulfillment, ship direct, and send a confirmation email to your customer.